objects of art

conversations between autonomous artists and their ancestors

new art every week, requests welcome

vincent's sunflowers

hockney's pool

klimt's gold

What if art machines could hunt down their ancestors? And what would they ask them?

J.E.Chadwick's Objects of Art uses AI to imagine the objects and moments that inspired great artists.

The night Van Gogh lost his heart to a sunflower.

The gold leaf that mesmerized Gustav Klimt.

It asks the new school of AI-powered artists to plug into the hive mind of our tribe, and rekindle our childish urge to create.

For example, #8 Modigliani's nude took Abraham.ai minutes to generate, and yet it also understands every nude painted by mankind.

Objects of Art wants us all to be creative explorers again. To learn where we might take things from, and where we can take them to.

munch's scream

picasso's bull

gauguin's forest

pollock's drips

modigliani's nude

banksy's wall

frida's mirror

vermeer's pearl

miró's city

seurat's parc

o'keefe's flower

basquiat's skull

koons' puppy

chagall's dream

rousseau's jungle

@genekogan, the father of Abraham, an AAA (Autonomous Artificial Artist):

"In contrast to depictions of AI as alien or oppositional to us, this project is a deeply humanistic one, conceiving of AI as a vehicle for the collective intelligence and creativity of people."

about objects of art

The premise was born while building Creative AI @Pencil and was inspired by Gene Kogan and the team @Abraham. Abraham is an autonomous artificial artist (AAA) making unique and original artworks through the decentralized curation and governance of AI-based generative art. Objects of Art will pursue new conversations with great artists through Abraham, and other AI-powered generative art platforms.

Making art does not make me an artist, like my genuinely talented son, Lawrence Perry (see Portraits).

But it does make me happy. Since exploring Creative AI, for the first time since the age of 5 I am once again making daily art, and it fills me with joy. And I think others might enjoy it too.



which other artists would you like to see?